We need your help filling #CommunityHarvest recipes and stocking shelves!  

Hosting a #CommunityHarvest Food or Fund Drive is an easy way to get involved in the fight to end hunger in our community – and you can do it any time of the year.

Working together: have fun and get your friends, family and colleagues involved in supporting hunger relief in our community. You can hold a drive at your place of work, your sports club, place of worship, a local grocery store, your children's school, a restaurant or even at an event like a birthday party or soccer game!

#CommunityHarvest food drive events can range from one-day activities to month-long events or more. The time frame and details are up to you!

Decide what works best for you and we’ll help you to make your food/fund drive successful and fun. We’ve provides steps and resources below to help you get started. GGHF staff can provide supplies, banners and additional guidance, if needed. Give us a call: (253) 514-6338.


#Community Food Drive Resources

Register Your Food Drive

Before you register, you should determine:

  • The start and end dates of your #CommunityHarvest Food Drive
  • Your method of collection—Either use your own boxes, or we can hook you up with some.
  • Pick Up or Drop Off—Will you be dropping the boxes off at Greater Gig Harbor Foundation on October 28th during Make A Difference Day? Do you plan to drop-off at a partner location (e.g. Food Backpacks 4 Kids)? Do you need our team to pick them up?


  • Register +

    Please fill out the #CommunityHarvest food & fund drive application. Our staff will contact you with confirmation or questions within a few days.
  • Location, Location, Donation! +

    As they say, “location is everything.” The busier your location, the more donations you will receive. Make it easy and fun!

    Some great places to hold your #CommunityHarvest food drive…

    • Mall/Shopping Center Parking Lots
    • Grocery Stores
    • Schools/PTA
    • Sporting Events/Tournaments
    • Corporate Offices
    • Health Clubs/Gyms
    • Church/Religious Groups
    • Library
    • Colleges/Universities
    • Networking Groups/Social Clubs

    Once you've zeroed in on a good potential location, be sure to get permission – and hopefully, support!

    Let them know that you are involved with #CommunityHarvest and that all the food and/or monies collected will stay here in our greater Gig Harbor and Key peninsula community to help support the food needs for children and families enrolled through the Food Backpack 4 Kids and Basket Brigade programs.

    See if the location is willing to get involved – maybe they will help get the word out, offer a portion of their sales (e.g., 15%) from the the day or week of the drive, etc.

  • Get Your Friends Involved +

    An important key to success is getting your friends, colleagues, family, co-workers, and others involved. Make sure they know about your #CommunityHarvest drive, the goal you are aiming to reach, and the impact they can have.

  • Plan +

    Download #Community Harvest Food Drive Tool Kit

    • Create a leadership team to plan the food drive, manage the communications and logistics, and set goals.
    • Determine when you will hold your food drive, such as a holiday, special event, etc. to provide a theme.
    • Set a Goal. No matter what your approach, it helps to have a specific goal for your #Community Harvest food and fund drive. This gives participants something to work toward and a benchmark for success. The goal can be based on the amount raised the last time, or you can set a goal based on the goals of the #Community Harvest Project.
      • Example #1. Organization of 300 people: 300 people X 8.5 pound per person = 425 weekend meals – enough to feed about 1,800 local children and their families for one weekend.
      • Example #2. Organization of 300 people: 300 people X $16.70 per person = 425 weekend meals – enough to feed about 1,800 local children and their families for one weekend.
    • Select the #Community Harvest recipe you would like to support with your drive and ask for the principal canned and dry goods needed – don’t worry about the spices or any fresh ingredients (e.g., potatoes, onions, etc.) that may be required. #Community Harvest recipes have been selected for their nutritional value, taste and ease in preparation.
    • Identify your needs. Determine the quantity of the following items you will need:
      • Containers for collecting food. We’ll help you out – just ask.
      • Posters, letters, emails, etc. for generating awareness and interest.
      • Donation jars/cans for participants who may also want to make a financial donation. Select someone to be in charge of taking financial donations, or ask them to donate online at http://gigharborfoundation.org/giveONE/Paypal.php?fund=social-capital.

  • Promote +

    Spreading the word… Your drive lets others know about the growing issue of hunger in our region, and gets more people involved in local hunger relief. Post on social media, send an email, and hang promotional materials around your office, school, neighborhood, community, etc.

    1. Set a goal Create huge poster boards that you can display in a prominent place with the goal written all over it.
    2. Be Loud Use some creativity to decorate the boxes. Hang your fliers EVERYWHERE!!! This is your food drive, everyone should know about it!
    3. Take Pictures – We’re always looking for great shots to put on the web!
    4. Make sure you thank everyone that donates. Tell them just how awesome they are for supporting #CommunityHarvest and taking action against hunger in the community.
  • Day of Your Drive +

    • Set up your site with labeled collection boxes/bins, #Community Harvest banner, and tables, chairs and refreshments for volunteers.
    • Post food drive signs in visible areas and have flyers available
    • Welcome volunteers as they arrive and explain any details
    • Smile, relax and relish the great event you’ve created that is bringing the community together to take action against hunger in our greater peninsula community.
    • At the end of the drive day, clean up your host site, take down the signs, remove any litter, and load up vehicles for transporting food.
    • Thank your host site and your volunteers
  • Getting Food to #Community Harvest Collection Sites +

    Once your #Community Harvest Food and/or Fund Drive is finished, make a plan to bring your donations on Saturday, Oct. 28, 2017 to the Greater Gig Harbor Foundation, 7191 Wagner Way, Suite 102. That’s when millions worldwide rally together on Make a Difference Day to give back to their communities.

    Any other time of the year, we’ll work with you to coordinate delivery!

  • Shut Down +

    Send a thank you note and email to all volunteers. Include how much food and/or money was donated. You can use the #CommunityHarvest food drive report card graphic to share your results on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Make sure to give special thanks to everyone who chipped in!

    Call or write a thank you note to your host site organization. Again, let them know how much food was donated and convey their important role in the success of the program and the difference they are making.

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