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Donkey Creek Chum Festival

Every year, the greater Gig Harbor community celebrates the return of salmon to our local waters.

Since 1972, the Gig Harbor Commercial Fishermen’s Club has incubated salmon eggs at Donkey Creek, releasing over 1 million fry into the Gig Harbor bay annually. The Chum Festival serves to remind us that the quality of our water, and the habitat it supports, connects us all. This year, the Parks & Environment CAB, has taken on an important role in assuring the Chum Fest legacy continues. Join us as we recognize new ways to improve and protect our waterways.

ACTIVITIES: Kayak, Canoe, and Paddle Board Races, Booths, Chum Burgers, Refreshments, “Paint Your Own Salmon” t-shirts, storytelling in the Big Blue Salmon Tent, “Salmon Maze”, and touch tanks, and are just some of the activities that will be a part of this year’s event.

The GGHF Curious by Nature School will also unveil its Great Community Salmon project that will begin its journey to the festival this summer. Kayak, walk, bike or drive to the Park to enjoy the fun.

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