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Carrying out donors’ charitable intent is fundamental to our mission. Whether a donor entrusts $100 or a multi-million dollar charitable fund to GGHF, we pledge to use that money for the purpose expressed at the time of the gift. When a fund is permanently endowed, we are bound to uphold the donor’s original intent forever. 

Forever is a long time, and if the original purpose should ever become obsolete, the Greater Gig Harbor Foundation will redirect the gift to a new purpose as close as possible to the original as directed by our donors.

The Greater Gig Harbor Foundation is a safe and permanent home for your charitable vision. 



The Greater Gig Harbor foundation will not disclose any information about a donor or a donor's gift, except as required by law. 

We will not trade, share or sell donor information with anyone else. A donor may request to remain anonymous.

However, unless the donor requests to remain anonymous, GGHF may publish the names of individual donors in documents such as an Annual Report and similar reports or listings. In the case of memorial gifts, the GGHF will provide the names of donors to members of the immediate family, unless the donor has requested anonymity. 

GGHF will never disclose the amount of any gift without the donor's consent. Proper management of confidential information by all Board members and staff is extremely important to the Foundation. Confidential information includes any personal information of a donor not known to third parties. 


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