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The Greater Gig Harbor Foundation works collaboratively to build, bridge and enrich the greater Gig Harbor and Key Peninsula region by raising funding, advocating for and providing support to help meet diverse community needs in five core areas essential to sustaining vibrant healthy communities across our peninsulas.



An engaged community working together to enhance the lives of all residents in our the greater peninsula communities—today and for future generations—by building philanthropic assets, connecting resources with needs, and providing leadership on key community issues and opportunities.

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Established in 2006, the Greater Gig Harbor Foundation is a recognized 501 (c)(3) nonprofit charity. In our first 15 years, we've raised, received and distributed over $16-million in assets to support a range of projects and programs in five core areas to benefit our greater Gig Harbor and Key Peninsula community.

GGHF is a conduit between the passions of people and needs of our community.


Governed by a Board of Directors, five Core Area Boards serving Arts & Culture, Education, Parks & Environment, Recreation and the Social Capital needs of the community, and several sponsored funds or projects of the Foundation, such as the Open Studio Tour and the Students of Distinction Fund, the Foundation supports organizations, agencies, individuals and families with one thing in common – a desire to make a difference today and leave a legacy tomorrow for our greater peninsula communities.

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