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Here you'll find a few stories about community members who have partnered with the Greater Gig Harbor Foundation to help make a difference in our community for generations to come.


We hope that you will also take this opportunity to spend a moment in thanks and recognition for all our donors, including those who choose to give anonymously. 


Chuck and Charli Meacham are invested in their community in more ways than one. They have a history of living in small towns, and they found Gig Harbor 12 years ago.

The Meachams immediately looked to make an impact, providing both time and financial resources to the community. They chose the Greater Gig Harbor Foundation because of the variety of different areas in which we focus.

“It (GGHF) has something for everyone,” they said. “The five (Core Area Boards) cover a diverse range of areas that support the community. Anyone who is interested in the betterment of Gig Harbor, joining the Foundation is a good way to start.”


The Meachams and The Meacham Foundation have provided funds for Students of Distinction, the Cider Swig, EnviroCorps and the Curious By Nature school.

Chuck Meacham first met GGHF CEO Julie Gustanski at the Donkey Creek Chum Festival more than a decade ago, and that sparked an interest in the fundraising efforts for the Fisherman Statue, which today stands outside the Harbor History Museum. Since then, Chuck joined the Foundation’s Parks and Environment CAB and helped organize the first Cider Swig event at Sehmel Homestead Park.

The Meachams said they are proud to support the Foundation because it helps to produce fun and meaningful events for those who live in the greater Gig Harbor and Key peninsulas.

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