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Whether you are 5 or 95 – there are many ways for all to make a positive difference.


There are many ways to give. As a community foundation, our strength lies in a strong community-based membership. Since forming in 2006, more than 75% of all funds raised to support community-based projects and programs has come from individuals just like you.

Consider joining GGHF today in working to build, bridge and enrich our community.


Contact us to see which of our programs, events or funds might the best fit for you.


While financial support is critical to helping provide the support and services needed across our peninsula communities, your time is invaluable! Volunteers are key to the work the Foundation is able to achieve in our community.

Here are just a few ways YOU can help achieve great things right here in your community:

  • Serve on the Board of Directors, Core Area Advisory Boards or GGHF Curious by Nature School Board

  • Help build key communication networks (mailings, web site, social media, etc.).

  • Collaborate on community projects and special events.

  • Join a committee and work with diverse community partners on collaborative programs and projects.

  • Bring your inspiration for a community project to life!


To learn more about how you can join in helping to shape the future of your community visit our contact us page. 


Looking for an opportunity to use new skills or develop new ones and make a positive community impact at the same time?

Through the Foundation you can develop an internship or research program, or community service project to meet academic requirements or provide you an opportunity to jump-start your career, while offering you valuable experience in fields as community planning, education, environmental management, communications, marketing, advocacy, fundraising, graphic design, volunteer coordination, project and event management, and more in a non-profit agency setting.


To set up a meeting to discuss internship, research or community service project opportunities, contact our CEO & President Emeritus, Dr. Julie Ann Gustanski:

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