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A once in a lifetime opportunity, the Community Campus will provide the vital space needed to assure the Foundation’s continued ability to offer quality programs and services, as well as a hub to connect people and resources to support a vibrant, healthy and sustainable community. The GGHF’s work is multifunctional and cross-disciplinary. Through its programs, projects, scholarships, grants and services, the GGHF has injected nearly $19-million in funds and assets into the community across its five mission focused areas since 2006.

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The generosity of a few visionary citizens has afforded our community a matchless opportunity to develop a much-needed space to serve as headquarters for the Greater Gig Harbor Foundation (GGHF) and our nature-based early learning program, GGHF Curious by Nature School (CBNS). Located in the Artondale area of Gig Harbor, the Community Campus will provide a “Forever Home” for our community foundation. The project goal is to raise funds for site preparation and construction to improve existing homes/buildings on site to create offices and educational spaces on the 6-acre property.


The Community Campus will invite CBNS students to open their imaginations in a rich learning environment featuring restored native vegetation, learning gardens, trails and immersive outdoor educational curriculum; and enable EnviroCorps program expansion.


Working closely with the landowner and Pierce County since 2018, we received conditional use permit approval on July 9, 2021. And, now the real work begins!


With a goal of site occupancy by 2023, the Foundation must raise $750,000 to complete all of the renovations and site improvements required to meet current code.


Stay tuned for more information on how you can help support the Community Campus Capital Campaign! 


Foundation programs, projects and services have directly provided our community with more than $15-million in resources across our five mission focused areas, all in support of efforts for a vibrant, healthy and sustainable community. This opportunity will:

Create a permanent home for our community foundation and its programs, projects, and all future initiatives – a home where we can convene, collaborate and grow

Model for a community center that promotes intergenerational programs, diverse learning and research opportunities, and a connection to nature through on the ground restoration and sustainable community gardening projects

Provide opportunities to host place-based, experiential educational programs that bring our community together - from explorations of local flora and fauna to immersive experiences with art and science

Foster environmental health, stewardship, conservation, and awareness

Encourage volunteerism, engagement and authentic community partnerships


Over the course of GGHF’s history, the organization has demonstrated the ability to adapt and evolve to meet the diverse needs of our growing community. With this, our community foundation has expanded beyond its present location. For GGHF to continue providing the quality programs and services that our community needs, the Community Campus is essential and will enable growth opportunities, especially for GGHF CBNS and EnviroCorps:

GGHF CBNS provides a unique nature-based program. Beyond developing critical skills that support children’s long-term academic success and whole-child development, the program fosters environmental awareness, engagement, and social justice – thus begging for a space like the Community Campus

EnviroCorps will be able to expand its educational outreach to create an environmental center, improving access to meaningful environmentally focused programs, benefitting people of all ages


Your support is critical to the success of the development of the “Forever Home” for our community’s foundation. Your generous donation will help fund:

A gathering space and resource for community building and education

Enhanced indoor and outdoor classrooms for GGHF Curious by Nature School

Expanded environmental education programs for the local community

Educational gardens, sustainable landscapes, restored habitats, and improved watershed health

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