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SSI Community Visioning Workshops

Partners: Gig Harbor & Key Peninsula organizations and agencies

Beginning in mid-2012, the Foundation initiated the first phase of the three year Self-Sufficiency Initiative (SSI), a significant effort to assess the diverse and unmet needs of the community and the capacities of organizations that work to provide programs and services across the Foundation’s core service areas.

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This included conducting key stakeholder interviews and a series of three Community Visioning Workshops that engaged area non-profit organizations and agencies providing programs and services that address community needs in one or more of the five core areas. This is the first effort of its kind in the greater peninsulas region. The workshop series was conducted from September to November 2012, and included 53 participants from 36 organizations serving the Gig Harbor and Key peninsulas.


Participants identified strengths and assets of the greater peninsula region, explored regional and organizational challenges, and discussed how unmet needs affect the respective service capacities of their organizations. Working groups representing each of the five core areas (arts & culture, education, parks & environment, recreation, and social capital) developed vision and mission statements, and identified shared values. From there, participants established key service areas and facilities desired of their community’s foundation, established core area charters, and considered essential instruments for allocating funds developed through various means by the Foundation to help achieve established goals.

In early 2013, committed core area leadership will work to form GGHF Core Area Boards (CABs) that will work to formalize the vehicles for fund development and distribution in alignment with the adopted vision and mission of each core area. The self-governing CABs, will serve the Board of Directors as core area experts and work to establish policies and guidelines for programs, projects, grants, endowments, and other special funds for their core area.

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