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Harbor Family Park

In 2005, a few visionary citizens stepped forward to provide our community with a valuable last chance to purchase 19-acres of land, previously slated for residential development, to create a much needed multi-use recreational park. By mid-2006, the Foundation took on the charge to help PenMet Parks make this park a reality for our community.


Thanks to resounding support from hundreds across the community, the Foundation successfully raised $500,000 to help acquire the land and establish an endowment to assure the park will have future resources available to provide for its maintenance. The balance of the $1.23-million came from a $500,000 WWRP matching grant and $230,000 from the Park District – the project is a tremendous example of the power of private-public partnerships!

Location: 6620 32nd Street NW, Gig Harbor, WA 98335

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