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Removing Barriers

Community events, park, trail and beach clean-up projects, plays, festivals and other outdoor activities provide opportunities that encourage people to have fun, participate in their community, connect with each other, and contribute to the community’s strength. Sadly, many with disabilities cannot participate due terrain barriers of public spaces where such events are held.

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During work on community events as the Cider Swig and our 2nd Annual GHKP Make A Difference Day, the Foundation’s Parks & Environment CAB and Social Capital CAB identified barriers prohibiting the inclusion of persons with disabilities in a variety of community activities. Working with community partners, the Greater Gig Harbor Foundation is taking lead on the initiative to raise the funds needed to acquire an ADA approved temporary surface, Mobi-Mat system.

The Mobi-Mat system, which will be available to all area organizations and agencies for use, is a portable and removable rollout pathway that will help create continuous walkways and equal access for all recreational users – including wheelchairs, walkers, strollers, and pedestrians alike by providing access on unstable ground.

This important initiative will facilitate the inclusion of persons with disabilities in all aspects of community life. The durable, 100% recycled and recyclable material, is an approved ADA temporary surface. It can be rolled out and staked in place for an event over grass, sand, gravel, snow and other rough terrain to allow wheelchairs and people with mobility issues to easily navigate, then rolled up and stored for future use.

The National Organization on Disability, reports that 35% of Americans with disabilities say they are completely uninvolved in their communities – and we can change this!

Access is a key first step to equal opportunity for meaningful participation!

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